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Some of our credentials


Lately, our team at FRETY AVOCATS has been actively involved in :

  • Representing an international ticketing company under investigation by the French authorities for misleading commercial practices

  • Guiding colleagues representing an international company sued for misleading commercial practices

  • Defending a French consumer association, a civil party in a criminal case of misleading commercial practices involving an international bank and obtaining over €1M in damages

  • Advising a French Federation regrouping 27 industry trade organizations

  • Representing victims of sexual offences within the Catholic Church

  • Representing a French food company in a water pollution case

  • Representing victims within the case of the Apostolic Nuncio convicted for sexual assault by  the Paris Judicial Court both on the charges and on their compensation

  • Representing on a regularly basis the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Representing of a French citizen residing in an Israel in a major case of tax fraud 


Our team has been ranked "excellent" in the Decideurs Magazine - Groupe Leaders League 2021 and 2022 ranking of French law firms for tax criminal law and "strong reputation" in white collar crime and commercial litigation.

Appointements and memberships

Edmond-Claude is a former CCBE expert for the Paris Bar within the Permanent Delegation Committee to the European Court of Human Rights  and co-chairman of the places of deprivation of liberty commission of the Paris Bar.

Edmond-Claude is the founder and president of the legal think tank dedicated to neurosciences "Cerveau Droit"

Antoinette is an elected member of the Young Lawyers’ Syndicate “Union des Jeunes Avocats” (UJA) and  an  appointed member of the advisory committee of the Paris Bar “CARPA”  “Lawyers’ Compliance and Clients’ Funds Handling Services”

Our team is also an active member of the International Bar Association and of the European Criminal Bar association.

Publications and interviews

  • key speaker at the symposium of the National Union of Psychiatric and Psychological Experts (Snepp) and to exchange with doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, magistrates, sociologists, journalist on the theme of influence - September 2021  

  • key speaker at the training: " The criminal irresponsibility of the mentally ill: should article 122-1 of the penal code be reformed?" » September 2021

  • speaker at the symposium: " Image(s), justice and neurosciences ". Let's talk about the influence of images on justice and try to master it-July 2021

  • key speaker at the colloquium: " the penalization of Madness " on the question of mental disorder and criminal irresponsibility, exchanges between psychiatrists, experts, SMPR doctors, judges and lawyers - July 2021

  • key speaker at the multidisciplinary colloquium " Neurosciences and judicial practices " organized by the Law and Justice Research Mission and the ENM - May 18 and 19, 2021

  • Interview on the  right to visit places of deprivation of liberty of  the president of  Bar and the genesis of the reform of art 719 CPP : "the historic opportunity to move from a culture of citadel to a culture of exchanges with the bars on places of deprivation of liberty-" Gazette du Palais June 2021

  • speaker in ARTE's THEMA program to talk, on the sidelines of the film "Salepute" by Myriam Leroy and Florence Hainaut, about cyber harassment and women victims of hateful sexist raids May 2021

  • Hearing by the deputies Naima Moutchou & Antoine SAVIGNAT, rapporteurs of the flash commission on article 122-1 of the penal code, to support in particular the conclusions and recommendations of the report on criminal irresponsibility, the fruit of the commission chaired by Dominique Raimbourg Philippe Houillon-May 2021

  • key-speaker on the Maternelles  TV show (France 5)  on the legal obligations of reporting to authorities cases of incest and sexual offenses against minors or vulnerable persons-February 2021

  • Interview on BFM on the issue of reporting sexual offenses and compliance with the legal obligations incumbent in principle on the employer February 2021

  • Key Speaker on LCI TV show on the issue of sexual offenses and the reporting obligation February 2021

  • Writer of a column published in Liberation  which provides an update on the obligations of denunciation in matters of sexual offenses against minors - January 2021  

  • Co-writer in the detailed file on the internal investigations conducted by lawyers published in the Bulletin du Barreau June 2020

  • Key-Speaker in "The light of neuroscience on the functioning of the human brain and the cerebral mechanisms at the service of the lawyer" during the congress of the French association of practitioners of collaborative law (AFPDC), November 22, 2019

  • Moderator during the Lawyers-Magistrates meeting on the theme "The Public Prosecutor's Office and the daily exercise of the rights of the defense" November 14, 2019.

  • key-speaker in the round table of lawyers organized by the National Assembly on the results and prospects of actions of group, October 24, 2019

  • key-speaker by the Joint Information Mission of the Senate on public policies for the prevention, detection, organization of reports and repression of sexual offenses likely to be committed by persons in contact with minors in the context of the exercise of their profession or their functions , January 29, 2019

  • "Right brain: launch of the first legal think tank dedicated to neuroscience" , review of foresight and innovation, Editions Lexisnexis, n°2, October 2018

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